Our services

We make sure we first understand the underlying needs of our clients, and we propose out-of-the box solutions that are customized for their specific requirements.

Development of competency models; Design and rollout of Employee engagement surveys and 360-degree feedback surveys

Design and delivery of Corporate Wellness programs – physical, emotional/psychological, financial well-being

Culture change – change enablement; Innovation culture implementation

Change management workshops for managers to prepare them well in advance for significant organizational changes.

Reorganizing business processes and organizational structures to support better the achievement of business strategies

Organizational re-design and workforce transformation activities, planning and structuring towards better achievement of company’s strategy.

We can provide consultants, at your premises or home office, that would be your employees, whereby hired at HRCP contract.

1:1 meetings for employees and managers to support them in their career transition, and to ensure your employer brand image is sustained even if you face organizational changes

On-site Career coach on the organizational change announcement day to advise your impacted employees immediately

Payroll preparation

External HR administration services incl. administration of sick leaves, vacation requests, other attendance records for the purposes of payroll preparation; issue of employment certificates for employees for various purposes; clarifications on payroll calculations, etc.

Setup of the company’s HR administration framework – work contract templates, civil contracts, annexes, employer’s work regulations, personnel files. Audit of the current employer’s labour relations framework

On-site HR Administration services

Search and Selection for mid to senior level roles

On-site recruiter to support you in your recruitment volumes

Complete outsourcing of your Recruitment process – Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Design and rollout of your Employer Brand

We can help you with expert and management level (incl. CEO and CEO-1) positions through established network of contacts and precisely selected recruitment channels

Assessment center for recruitment needs, developed for your specific position requirements

Identification of business priorities which can be supported with a leadership development training program

Identification of capabilities to be addressed with a training programme

Training needs analysis – analysis of your employees’ training needs, development of annual training program. Customized trainings for your specific company needs; Trainings for upskilling of managers and employees. Company-tailored Leadership development programs.

Design and delivery of Development/assessment centers for key talents. Identify specific learning and development needs

1:1 Executive Coaching with an Erickson-certified Solution-focused Professional Coach.

Executives must adapt to an ever-changing environment, and coaching provides the unbiased support needed to activate growth both personally and professionally.