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We are seasoned professionals with real business practice experience in Strategy, Management consulting, Human resources, General and IT Recruiting & Staffing, Sales, Marketing. Our team has solid background in multinational corporations and we tailor this experience to workable solutions for our Clients.

Design of the Compensation policy for a group of Business process outsourcing companies

Client: A group of Business process outsourcing companies, providing content, data and business intelligence services, media monitoring and analysis, and automation solutions.

Project description:

    • Review of the current practices, identify areas for improvement and redesign the compensation (including base pay or fixed pay, and variable pay) and benefits management policies across the different entities.
    • Design of common total compensation policy for all the entities to ensure a common approach to compensation, to support the internal transfers of employees between the different organizations within the group.
    • Streamline the work activities related to compensation management.
    • Design and introduction of job grades and salary ranges.
    • The consultant also designed the communication plan for the communication of the policies to employees and management, and implemented some of the communication activities.

Direct Search for the setup and expansion of a Shared Service Center in Bulgaria.

Client: A global institution working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

Project description:

Our client’s Service Center in Sofia was established in 2019. Since May 2020 HRCP is providing Direct search recruitment services for senior managament, middle management and senior expert positions for the setup and the growth of the Shared Service Center of our Client. With Direct search recruitment services we identify professionals on the market who are typically not actively searching for a new job, we contact them proactively to present them with the Client’s job opportunity, we provoke their interest in the Client, interview the ones who confirm their interest, and prepare a short-list of suitable professionals for our Client’s job opportunity.

The positions we have successfully recruited for and placed candidates were:

    • Shared Service Center Site Director – with more than 18 y of experience
    • Director of the Treasury Operations team – with more than 18 years of experience
    • Director of the Procurement Team – with 15+ years of experience
    • Various Treasury Operations roles – Sr. Financial analysts, Sr.Financial officers – with 10+ years of experience
    • Various IT roles –  with 10+ years of experience
    • Health and Safety roles – with 10+ years of experience

Design and facilitation of a Leadership Development Academy.

Client: A leading international FMCG company.

Project description: Customised design and facilitation of a coherent Leadership development program for approx. 30 Senior people managers, for a period of 2 years.

    • Identification of business priorities which can be supported with a leadership development training program
    • Identification of capabilities to be addressed with a training programme
    • Design and facilitation (delivery) of a 10-module program, facilitated for a period of 2 years, consisting of different training topics, significant pre-read, post-work to be practiced at the workplace, check-up calls between the modules, knowledge check quizzes, additional materials
    • Link the development programme with the corporate values, competencies and business priorities
    • Design and implementation of a tool for identification of strengths and areas for development on individual participant level
    • Measure the effectiveness of the program

Payroll and HR Administration of a multinational production company

Client: a multinational production company with operations in Bulgaria, with employees working on shifts, with summarized working hours and having advance salary payments every month.

Project description:

HRCP managed to ensure the smooth payroll transfer is complete within 1 month. The payroll history was successfully maintained and preserved, despite the fact that previous payroll provider was using a different payroll software.

  • Audit and update as needed of the HR administrative framework of the company to ensure the internal labour-law related internal regulations of the company are up-to-date.
  • Review of the personnel folders/employee dossiers
  • Takeover from local HR of all tasks related to signing labour contracts, changes to the employment contracts (annexes), issue of employment certificates, notifications of local authorotoes for the start/end of employees; termination documentation, tracking of maternity, long-term and short-term leaves, and sick leaves.
  • Develop on a monthly basis the consolidated monthly payroll input data based on all chanegs to the labour contracts, bonuses, pay rises, leaves (attendance in general), shifts, etc.
  • Perform the monthly payroll as per the established timeline for the company

Career Transition /Outplacement services to the local company operations of a multinational energy company

Client: A leading international company, which has decided to close its operations in Bulgaria.

Project description:

HR Consulting Partners provided support to the Client in the reorganization plans with our expertise in the full spectrum of local HR administration, change management, reorganization of processes.

To facilitate the career transition of employees, HR Consulting Partners assigned to each employee a dedicated career coach. This professional guided them through the various aspects of their career transition and offer personalized support to help them navigate this process successfully, specifically through:

  • Understanding own strengths and limitations
  • Identifying roles and companies
  • Developing CV/resume, effective communication strategy 
  • Researching companies, collecting marketplace information
  • Activating all channels for the search 
  • Preparing for the interviews 
  • Onboarding to the new job

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