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Why care for your departing employees and offer Career Transition services (a.k.a. Outplacement)

Departing employees and how they speak of your business can have a significant impact on your product/services brand, and on your employer brand. We are still to see the magnitude of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemics. The number of layoffs in Europe show projections for an economic crisis which is times higher than the one we experienced in 2008/2009, and the years to follow.
The majority of people who are downsized remain in the industry. They will continue to maintain relationships with your vendors, customers, partners and the local community. They will probably be hired by one of your competitors, or by one of your key clients/suppliers. They will continue to maintain contact with your current employees. They will continue to attend industry events.

The way you treat them in this vulnerable moment during layoff, and the support you offer them - not only in terms of severance pay, but also as an opportunity to work with a certified career coach - could make a big impact on your Employer Brand, on the employees who stay with you, and on the success of your future recruitment campaigns. After all, your company is here to stay. And it will survive in one form or another this crisis. The way you handle it could be your competitive position vs other employers when we will (again) compete for talent.

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HR has a critical role in these remote working times

Remote working over the last months has changed from a unique feature of forward-thinking offices and a ‘nice to have’ for some workers, into a necessity for business continuity and a clear recommendation from public health bodies.

For some companies this is already firmly embedded in the culture. But for many it will be a bit of a shock to the system. While digital communications are readily available they have been adopted in many companies in either a half-hearted or a laissez-faire way. If your business hasn’t been developing its digital communications, the coronavirus outbreak will have made this a near-term necessity.

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10 Tips for How to Work from Home

Anyone working from home knows that staying focused just might be the hardest part of their job. Once it’s time to settle into your long workday, you find this unforeseen motivation to suddenly fold a month’s worth of laundry or prepare a six-course meal (ok, that might be a bit over-dramatic).

In order to help you stay focused and productive, we’ve summarized some helpful work-from home tips that you can easily implement when making the tough commute from your bed to your laptop.

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Как да въведем култура на предприемачество

На 21 февруари 2020 г. по покана на Българската Асоциация за Управление на хора, представихме пред членовете на асоциацията опита ни при внедряване на Култура на предприемачество в компания с установени традиции и история.

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