Why care for your departing employees and offer Career Transition services (a.k.a. Outplacement)

Your company is here to stay. And it will survive this crisis in one way or another. The way you handle layoffs could be your competitive position vs. other employers when we will (again) compete for talent.

Departing employees and how they speak of your business can have a significant impact on your product/services brand, and on your employer brand. We are still to see the magnitude of the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemics. The number of layoffs in Europe show projections for an economic crisis which is times higher than the one we experienced in 2008/2009, and the years to follow. 

The majority of people who are downsized remain in the industry. They will continue to maintain relationships with your vendors, customers, partners and the local community. They will probably be hired by one of your competitors, or by one of your key clients/suppliers. They will continue to maintain contact with your current employees. They will continue to attend industry events.

The way you treat them in this vulnerable moment during layoff, and the support you offer them - not only in terms of severance pay, but also as an opportunity to work with a certified career coach  - could make a big impact on your Employer Brand, on the employees who stay with you, and on the success of your future recruitment campaigns.

How to care for departing employees?

Provide the opportunity to your departing employees, as part of their termination package, to work with an individual career coach on identifying:

    • what are their strengths and areas for development,
    • what is their alternative profession,
    • what is the profile of the best company for them, and what are his/her target companies,
    • how to create powerful resumes
    • how to connect to the right people,
    • how to present themselves to hiring managers,
    • how to hit the interview
    • how to transition into the new company.

What to expect?

The goal of this unique project model – which incorporates the elements of a work assignment (research, analysis, strategy, measuring results, etc.) – is to land an appropriate position as quickly as possible. 

It combines a wealth of personal support and tools to support your employees in the successful identification and achievement of their career goals. The career coach helps your employees organise their search and see the results of their progress as they move ahead. Our approach follows the best methodologies established by the world leaders in career coaching. 

As a result, your affected employees feel supported, their thoughts are re-focused on the future, and overcome much easier this personal crisis from an emotional point of view. 

Our team has more than 9 years of experience in career coaching (a.k.a. outplacement services) and has been advising employees terminated from IT, FMCG, Pharma, Production, Telecom, Retail, Automotive sectors. We have experience with all levels of the organisation - from executives, management, through professionals and experts, to administrative positions and production workers.