NEW! Virtual Classroom Training on 'Leading Dispersed Teams'

Leading a team is challenging enough, and when people work remotely those challenges can be magnified. Read more about our online training developed specifically for the current situation when our team members are dispersed, our business priorities continue, and we adapt to "the new normal".

Contact us for more details about this virtual classroom training, which is planned as a 2-hour session, with discussions and interactions with participants, allowing them to share their ideas, observations, challenges they have already faced. 

Training outline:

1. Leading teams virtually

Participants review the characteristics of dispersed/virtual teams, including their own. They identify the differences between traditional and dispersed teams, the challenges as well as the benefits of virtual. 


2. The Foundations for Building community

·     Introduction of various communication methods. Participants list examples of which methods work best for them. Then they explore the unique challenges virtual meetings can pose. 

·     Showing empathy and engaging others when conducting virtual meetings. Participants discuss additional ideas and share them with the group.

·     Importance of establishing ground rules for virtual team communication. 

3. Building Trusting Relationships

·      How to build/maintain trusting relationships with dispersed team members. Trust issues.

·      Key factors for team members' trust in one another. 

·      How to leverage everyone’s individual differences to build trust.

4. Team goals

·      Keeping team members and goals visible and in focus

·      Ideas for recognizing individuals.

Training audience

Employees who coordinate project management teams and/or account management teams; plus employees on supervisor and or any people management role.