Career coaching and Outplacement

  • 1:1 Career coaching to employees and managers to support them in their career transition, and to ensure your employer brand image is sustained even if you face organizational changes
  • Change management workshops for managers to prepare them well in advance for significant organizational changes
  • On-site Career coach on the organizational change announcement day to advise your impacted employees immediately
The majority of people who are downsized remain in the industry. Departing employees and how they speak of your business can have a significant impact on your product/services brand, and on your employer brand.
  • Reduces risk of litigation.
  • On average, individuals offered outplacement find new jobs twice as fast as the national average, reducing unemployment costs.
  • Enhances reputation and brand.
  • Recognized as a standard business practice among the majority of large and mid-sized companies.
  • Reduces risk of workplace violence.
  • Treating those who are impacted fairly is proven to improve engagement, helping to ensure business continuity during times of change.
Our approach follows the best methodologies established by the world leaders in career coaching. It combines a wealth of personal support and productivity tools to aid in the successful identification and achievement of career goals. Your employees are guided by 10 Milestones to help organize their search and gauge their progress as they move ahead.
The goal of this unique project model – which incorporates the familiar elements of a work assignment (research, analysis, strategy, measuring results, etc.) – is to land an appropriate position as quickly as possible.
We apply a three-phase business process for Career transition services, and candidates work 1:1 with their assigned career Coach going through the detailed steps in the process:
In addition to the 1:1 Career transition services to the impacted employees, we also provide the following supporting programs:

A. Seminar: Managers Notification Training
  • Addressed to Managers who are responsible for conducting an individual or group notification meeting.
  • This program helps managers become more comfortable and effective during notifications. Participants learn how to handle the subject with skill and compassion and how to respond to potential employee reactions. This training is best scheduled just before the actual notification event.
  • The program can be provided in a live, half-day workshop (preferred) for max. 10 managers.
Β. Seminar: Career Decision Making
1 day seminar, addressed to employees who are eligible for an early retirement or a voluntary separation program

C. Workshop: Getting the Job you Want
2 days group seminar, addressed to technicians & workers, supported by 1-2 months individual program