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10 Tips for How to Work from Home

Anyone working from home knows that staying focused just might be the hardest part of their job. Once it’s time to settle into your long workday, you find this unforeseen motivation to suddenly fold a month’s worth of laundry or prepare a six-course meal (ok, that might be a bit over-dramatic).

In order to help you stay focused and productive, we’ve summarized some helpful work-from home tips that you can easily implement when making the tough commute from your bed to your laptop.

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Как да въведем култура на предприемачество

На 21 февруари 2020 г. по покана на Българската Асоциация за Управление на хора, представихме пред членовете на асоциацията опита ни при внедряване на Култура на предприемачество в компания с установени традиции и история.

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Работодателска марка и връзка между Благополучие на служителите (Employee Wellness) и работодателска марка.

По покана на Датския колеж в София, на 9 март 2020 г. управляващите съдружници на HR Consulting Partners Йоана Йорданова и Златина Кушкиева представиха на студенти в специалности предприемачество и маркетинг как би могло да се създаде и промотира Работодателска марка и каква е връзката между програмите за Благополучие на служителите (Employee Wellness) и работодателската марка.

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How to Design Your Leadership Development programme

Here are a couple of guidelines to consider when designing your Leadership Development program:
1. Identification of the leadership competencies expected from managers
2. Identification of the individual development needs of every manager
3. Design and delivery of a Leadership development program specifically tailored to the current development needs of your managers

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Communicating in times of crisis

To be transparent is the most important “job” for leaders in a crisis. Be clear what you know, what you don’t know, and what you’re doing to learn more. And transparency starts at the very top of the organization, ensuring psychological safety for everyone to be able to speak up. Check out an article from Harvard Business Review here

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